Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fireside Socks Done!

These won't win an award for speed knitting, but they're done! White is pretty plain and unexciting, plus it doesn't photograph all that well, but I've wanted some handknit white socks, so here they are.

"Fireside" isn't the name of the pattern, just the name I gave to the project, since these were started while enjoying the fire of our woodstove. They are actually the "Classy Slip Up Socks" from Knit Socks! 15 Cool Patterns For Toasty Feet by Betsy Lee McCarthy. You can read about that here.

What's next? Well, I still can't get to my loom, but if I can find my circular knitting needles, I may start on a blanket. I may be slow, but it's nice to have something creative to do.

Fireside Socks Done! photo and text are © 13 March 2010 by Leigh at Leigh's Fiber Journal.

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Theresa said...

They look warm and toasty and well done. I like white myself. I'm no olympic sock knitter myself.
Oh, have you got a blanket pattern/color in mind?

Cynthia said...


Sharon said...

They are pretty and the white shows off your work very well. I keep something on needles, just because knitting makes me feel good.

Dorothy said...

The socks look beautiful, I hope they fit well.

charlotte said...

The socks are lovely, and now you have warm socks when winter is creeping up in November.

bspinner said...

Your socks are lovely!!!! They should keep your toes toasty warm next winter. I'm not a fast sock knitter either.

Leigh said...

Thank you ya'll! Happily we have enough cold weather left for me to enjoy them this spring.

Dorothy they fit perfectly (whew).

Theresa, no blanket pattern specifically, I'm just planning to use up some of my leftover acrylic yarns for a kid's blanket. The goal is colorful!

Kathy said...

Just beautiful, Leigh. Oh, Guru-Who-Can-Do-It-All...and expertly at that. :)

Unknown said...

i just discovered your blog through my sister ~ WoodstonePrairie ~ and i love it!!! i to am a fiber fanatic but am not nearly as accomplished as you are. i have knit and crocheted for many years and have recently added weaving to my "addictions". Maybe someday i'll try spinning.
One question ~ was the white yarn some you had handspun or bought commercially? It is so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

Leigh said...

Kathy, flattery will get you somewhere, *lol

Jackie, thank you so much for visiting and taking time to comment! The yarn was store bought. Socks are about the only think I knit with commercial yarn. I have used handspun, but find that without the added nylon to reinforce it, it wears out more quickly. That said, I do have some nylon fiber to blend with wool for socks someday.