Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming Soon, To A Spinning Wheel Near You

By Leigh

Did anybody else know that this Saturday is World Wide Spin In Public Day? If so then consider this a confession about how infrequently I get to go blog visiting anymore. Anyway, I found the button and link over at Janet's blog and thought I'd at least help spread the word.

Lately I can barely find my spinning wheels and fiber let alone use them. Why? Well, putting in a new hearth for our wood heatstove has meant putting all the living room furniture in the dining room and my studio. Not to mention the dust! September 26th though, is our annual Guild retreat and I'm really looking forward to that.

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Julie said...

I did not know this! I haven't been spinning all summer but winter is on it way and I'm sure my spinning bug will return!

Theresa said...

Leigh, we understand about the not blogging so much with that heap of work you guys are doing. It sure is nice when you stop by though!
Enjoy your retreat, it sounds like a great time about to happen.

Helen said...

I have only heard about this too-shame it would l have been nice to do something. I am glad you are going to have textile break-enjoy it!

Jackie said...

I didn't know! But I think that I will be forgiven because I spun in public throughout the summer at the various things that I have been doing.
And as to lack of blogging, I'll forgive you, if you forgive me :-)

Tina T-P said...

Our guild had a "Spin on the Sidewalk Day" last Saturday - so I hope that gives us dispensation :-) It is always fun to spin in public though - people are so interested in what you are doing. T.

P.S. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with for drapery material - how satisfying to know that you made them "from the ground up"!