Friday, July 03, 2009

Beaded Fringing

By Leigh

I confess. I haven't done anything with those socks. The suggestions and tips you all gave me were extremely helpful, but the fact of the matter is that correcting them will require too much thinking. I'm simply too busy to do much thinking these days.

However, thanks to some very cool fringing instructions over at Lynette's blog, I have this to show......

You may or may not recall that this is the cotton and rayon, summer & winter scarf I wove in an unsuccessful attempt at differential shrinkage. I still liked it however, especially the reversibility.

This is the first time I've tried working with beads like this. The method is easy but I confess thought that it is slow going because I am twisting the fringe by hand. Someday I'll get a fringe twister, but probably not any time soon. Even so, it's a relaxing activity in the evenings, doesn't require too much energy or brain power, and I'm liking the results. I don't usually wear scarves, but this one I think I actually will.

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GABY said...

very inexpensive, on sale "fringe twister" ($16 w/shipping/handling) at Toys-r-us . It is actually a hair twister but i ordered it a couple of weeks ago and it is the greatest little like a charm,makes absolutely the most even twisted fringe in no time.

Susan B. said...

I definitely want to try to do this sometime! Looks so pretty.

charlotte said...

The fringes look great, I think pearls really add "the little extra". I am thinking of getting a fringe twister before my next shawl project, it looks very handy.

bspinner said...

It's amazing what a little glass does to dress up a scarf. Lovely scarf.

Sharon said...

I don't have a fringe twister either, but I'm a production weaver and enjoy the hand twisting. That may change one day. I'll be curious to hear your experience of wearing the scarf with glass beads on the fringe. I'm kinda not sure I'd like that, as cool as it looks.

Julie said...

I know what you mean about not having enough time! I just love the beads and how they look!

Leigh said...

Magic Stix, I've heard of using those things. I've looked for one (on occasion), but have yet to actually find one. I will have to try Toys-R-Us!

Susan, Charlotte, Barb and Julei, thanks! I have to agree that it really adds something special to the overall scarf. And Lynette's way of doing it is really easy. I like that.

Sharon, I'm glad someone else enjoys the hand-twisting. I confess that I'm usually in a hurry and would love a time-saving device, but when I tell myself to slow down, then I truly appreciate the peaceful rhythm of twisting by hand.

Jackie said...


Life Looms Large said...

The beaded fringe is really beautiful!

I know just what you mean about not having enough time to think!! I've been that way lately too. I'm kind of planning to let summer be a time to do projects that are easy to move forward, and then in the fall get back to some of the projects that require more thought! (Wishfully thinking perhaps that fall will be calmer!)


Willow said...

I just commented on your homestead blog. Found you via a google search on spinning wraps per inch.


MiniKat said...

There's an award for you over on my blog. ;-)