Sunday, November 23, 2008

Preparing to Warp (With Help)

By Leigh

I've been a little slow with my Online Guild workshop project, but I do have some progress to report.

Leigh's painted & ikatted (is that a word?) warpsThe top is my black and white ikat warp, and the next three are the my painted warps. Actually, the 3rd and 4th ones are the same warp. The 4th sample shows how the colors ran together too much. On the bottom is a blue one that I dyed in a dyebath. For this project I'm going to use all the but red one.

The first step was to put them on the lease sticks and get them to the loom. However, since I had dyed these three yard warps unchained, I decided it would be better to chain the bouts, lest I end up with a tangled mess.

However, moving yarn on the floor never fails to attract attention at my house:

Rascal being attentiveRascal wasted no time in volunteering to "help." Any yarn movement was quickly pounced upon!

Figuring that he would get bored with this pretty quickly, I went off to do something else. When I came back....

Rascal being possessive.... he had patiently parked himself right on top of the unchained bouts.

By the way, the dowel rod running through the top of the warp chains is how I keep the bouts from unchaining themselves when I carry them to the loom. That part I do without "help." :)

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Woolly Bits said...

I wonder how you get anything done that involves threads - with your very keen "helper":)) I think I'd scream every time the black thread monster would come close....
looking forward to your first weaving - I think it'll look smashing with those strong colours!
enjoy it - Bettina

Mim said...

He is very patient. No balls of yarn pushed about. Seems nothing has moved from it's original spot. Keep that cat! You'll never have mice messing with your warp.

MiniKat said...

You would have been amused by the help I was getting with the knitting last week. The calico tried helping with cross stitching and figured out the needle isn't fun when it impacts toes.

Julie said...

Looks like you both are having a great time with your warp!

Jackie said...

Too funny! Cats always seem to know where you DON'T want them!

bspinner said...

Nice new toy for Rascal. Looks like he's guarding them with his life.

Sharon said...

Rascal is doing a fine job as weaver's assistant. See how meticulous he is to detail? And oh my, what dedication.

Tina T-P said...

What a clever assistant you have, holding down ALL that yarn for you...

Your sweater is going to be soooo cool - can't wait to see it finished - we may have to have some professional enlargements of pictures of it to bring it along to fairs and such - what do you think?

I have to get my church newsletter out, but hope to have a new post up for the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving if'n I don't get it posted.

Head bumps and scritches to the four legged children. :-) T.