Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Little Quilting

By Leigh

What better thing to do on a drizzly, damp, chilly, dark day than sit by a cozy fire ...

I love our new woodstove... and do a little sewing.

Thanks to our fireplace project, everything around here has been dusty and disorganized. With the new hardwood dining room floor to be put in next, the forecast is for more of the same, especially when we get to sanding it. So, weaving projects like living room draperies, and even sock knitting (I discovered that I can't find my needles) are on hold at the moment.

Still, I have to do something, which turned out to be an inspiration to make some pillow shams to match a comforter...

Color inspiration for some pillow shams... which matches the green walls of our bedroom.

Initially, I had rag rugs in mind, so when I thought about sewing some pillow shams, I thought about making something that I could coordinate with a rag rug. I chose a very simple block pattern...
This color sequence will work well in polychrome weaving.... and used a progressive color sequence which I can reproduce as a polychrome rag rug.

Quilting was my introduction to the world of fabric and textiles. Though it's been a long time since I've pieced any tops or done any quilting, I still very much appreciate the art.

At first I thought I'd do the quilting by hand. I used to have both a quilting frame and a quilting hoop, but I believe these were left behind along the way. I believe I still have some large embroidery hoops somewhere, but I'm really not sure where at the moment. So, I'm doing something I've never done before...

Machine quilting - a 1st for me!... quilting by machine. I appreciate how quickly it's going though and this is meant to be a simple project after all.

I'm not really following a pattern, but I did find instructions to sew mitered corners, here. There's lots of other good stuff there too.

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  1. Leigh, I am so *very* jealous! The fireplace looks marvelous, and to be able to make such lovely things beside it!

  2. The fireplace looks fantastic congratulations! The quilting looks lovely, the weaver in me of course looks forward to see the rag rug. Good luck with the floor project!

  3. I can understand why you love your new woodstove. It looks so warm and inviting.

    I like the colors in your quilt. I've never machined quilted either. Might have to give it a try.

  4. The fireplace looks so warm and cozy! And what lovely quilt!

  5. Your woodstove turned out perfectly. I love having the wood heat and still see the fire.

    Kudos on your quilting venture. Those colors are great and how exciting to have the challenge of rag rugs to match.

    Oddly, I've turned to sewing myself. I've decided that 2010 is the year that I will sew with handwoven so have decided to start practicing with pajamas. I'm not sewing PJs from handwoven though!


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