Friday, February 08, 2008

Arrrrrgh! Threading Error!

Click on photo for a closer look.

I'd only woven a couple of inches on my first M's & O's dish towel when I noticed a threading error! Can you spot it? Dilemma! I'm too close to a deadline and too far along to unweave. Oh well. More on this project later!

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  1. I think I see the third block from the left? about 8 ends in?
    Not sure I would have noticed unless you had pointed it out!

  2. I found it! I found it! Hurrah! A group of three where it should have been four! Maybe it is more obvious when you see the fabric, but boy, i had to work hard to meet the challenge you set. I wouldn't give it another thought. But thanks for the game!

  3. Yes, it took me a while to find it as well. I think it is the place where bad spirits can exit the weaving. It's a good thing you put it in there. Unless you are putting into a fair to be judged for a ribbon, I wouldn't be too concerned. I'd be happy to have one in my ongoing towel exchange:)

  4. Yes, you can see it in the photo, but as my wise old grandmother used to say, "Who's going to notice that on a galloping horse?" No one is going to see it on the towels - weave on like you mean it.

  5. I love your wise old grandmother Sharon! I will have to remember that one.

    I still haven't found it....weave on Leigh.

  6. I made my eyes hurt squinting to spot the error, I did find it, the group of three that Peg also spotted? It really it does not jump out at me.

    If that's it, it's logical error, so maybe it's actually not an error at all but a little idiosyncracy! As you're short of time, best thing is to pretend did it on purpose to change the rhythm ;)

  7. I think I see it...but the fact that you had to tell me there was something to look for leads me to believe that it's not all that noticeable.

  8. I agree with Sharon and love her grandmothers saying. Looks great to me.

  9. Threading error? What threading error??

    Looks lovely to me!

  10. Okay. I give...I can't see it. Looks good to me anyway.


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