Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Award From Charlotte

By Leigh

Charlotte, (bless her heart) was kind enough to encourage me in my new endeavor, and award me with this! It is most appreciated as we continue to work hard to make our new old house "move-inable." I'm blogging about that on my other blog, though updates will be slow in coming. :)

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Life Looms Large said...


Great house pictures!!! (For some reason I can't comment on your other blog....I click on the comment thing and nothing happens - maybe that's on purpose!)

Those very high cabinets are interesting....I could actually use more space like that - for my lobster cooker and other seldom used kitcheny things. I have this great foldable stepladder called Skinny Mini that folds up to be about 4 inches wide, but that lets me reach high stuff. Love it!

Anyway, good luck in your new house!!!! The kitchen is actually a lot better than I imagined....although I'm sure the lack of counter space will be driving you crazy soon!!! My friend with an old kitchen in Maine just uses a kitchen table as her counter and has for years.

Have fun!!


Theresa said...

Please make it so we can comment on the house blog!
Congrats on the award.
On the kitchen, after having two reno's under my belt and one designed from scratch, the best advice I can give is make it as useable as possible in the short term and spend time thinking about how you would like to work for you when reno time comes. You would be surprised at the creative solutions that pop up when you do that.
It's wonderful warm kitchen though. Great space to work with!

Leigh said...

Thanks for the feedback on not being able to comment! I think I've fixed it, please try again! Comments, ideas, etc. are all very welcome!

MiniKat said...

I love the mysterious key holder. Are you going to keep it? I hope so. It adds so much character to the house with it's tiny presence.

Sharon said...

Comments appear to be turned off, so I will say here that I think it looks full of charm and potential. I look forward to the post when you decide where the loom is going to go.