Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Awards

By Leigh

I've been honored with two awards, and both from MiniKat.

The rules for the first one are:
1. I must list my five addictions
2. I must pass this on to 5 fabulous blogs

Rule number one is pretty easy, rule number two will be harder.

My five favorite "addictions" are (not necessarily in this order):
1. Yarn
2. Fabric
3. Cats
4. Bunny rabbits
5. Chocolate

These are things I can't pass by without wanting. Fortunately (for DH) we have a small apartment so there isn't any more room for more of these!

I know it may seem odd that I am drawn to yarn because I am a spinner. But yarn includes weaving yarns, which I don't spin. So any yarn department or catalog always fascinates me. Fabrics too, though less so now that I am weaving. Yet I can never pass by a remnant basket without rummaging through it.

My five choices to pass it on to are (also in no particular order):
Desert Peach Farm
Catena Expressions
Janet's Thread
Fun With Fiber

Award the second, includes Rascal and Catzee (whose blogs have been shamefully neglected). So I will let them share the honor of passing that one on. Soon.

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Susan B. said...

Thanks, Leigh! I will do my best to honor this honor!

Julie said...

You really can't have to much yarn!

Cathy said...

Thanks Leigh!!

Obviously I have your 3 done to a fine art.