Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3. Creating An Index in The Sidebar

By Leigh

[This series started here]

There are several ways that an index can be added to one's sidebar. Many Blogger blogs already have their labels listed in the sidebar. Wordpress blogs have categories.

One option is to let Delicious create a tagroll for you. Info on that here. This will create an html code to add to the sidebar of your blog. To do that,
  1. On your dashboard go to "layout"
  2. In the sidebar "add a gadget"
  3. Click on "add html"
  4. Paste the delicious code into the box
  5. click save
  6. Drag the widget to wherever you want it in the sidebar.
Another option is to create your own tag list (index) with Blogger's links widget.

The absolutely simplest way to allow folks to access your Delicious tags, is to create one link in your sidebar, directly to your Delicious bookmark page.
  1. On your dashboard go to "layout"
  2. In the sidebar "add a gadget"
  3. Click on "link list"
  4. Title it whatever you wish
  5. In "New Site URL" copy and paste the URL to your Delicious bookmark page
  6. "New Site Name" can be "" or "My Blog Index"
  7. Click "Add link"
  8. Click "Save"
  9. On the layout page you can drag the gadget anywhere you want in the sidebar.
You can use this same feature to create a list of individual Delicious tag pages.
  1. Follow steps 1 - 4 above
  2. Open each Delicious tag page separately to copy it's URL
  3. Add the individual tags and URLs .....

  4. Click "save" when complete.
If you have a lot of subcategories, you may wish to create individual link lists for broader categories. For example create a link list entitled "Knitting Index" and use all your Delicious knitting tags for "new site URL" and "new site title." This will create a knitting index.

For a drop down menu, I would try one of the following (N.B. I've not tried either of these so I can't give you specifics on them):

Javascript Source Drop Down Menu Generator
HTML Basix Dropdown Menu Generator

You will need to add each tag URL and its title to the generator. You can then add the code they generate to put into your side bar, using the "add html" widget (as explained above).

If you use classic blogger (like I do), then you don't have the "layout" feature. You can still create drop down menus, but you will need to add code to your template. You can learn how to do that with this article (you will need to be signed in to your Google or Blogger account to access this page) -

Blogger Help Group: How to make a drop down menu

Just be sure to make a back-up copy of your template before touching it!

I hope this isn't too confusing. If you have any questions, comments, observations, or other ideas, please let me know!

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