Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2. Tagging Your Blog Posts

By Leigh

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The next step is to tag all your blog posts. This is fun, but may take some time if you have a lot of posts. The key here is to come up with useful tags. On some posts, I went overboard; on others, I missed some which would have been helpful. These can be edited later, so don't sweat it to begin with.

Open each post you want to tag and click on the Delicious tag icon in your browser toolbar. Add the tags you want and a helpful description of the post. As you save bookmarks, they will be added to your Delicious page.

After you're done, you can "bundle" your tags if you want. At the upper right corner of your Delicious page, click on "tag options" and then "manage tag bundles." For example, I created a bundle for weaving, and then included all weaving related tags in this bundle. This is just a way to further organize your posts.

Going through all your blog posts and tagging them may take some time, but after that, it's quick and easy to keep up with new posts. The hardest part is remembering to tag them after publishing. Sometimes I find posts that I never tagged. Just be sure to open each post up as it's own page. Otherwise only your entire blog will be given those tags, rather than the individual post.

Even if you don't create an index to place on your blog, this is a useful way to organize your posts. Questions? Problems? Let me know how it goes!

Next .... Creating An Index in The Sidebar

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1 comment:

bspinner said...

I've gotten two links listed on my Blog Index all thanks to you. I'm not sure about the drop down menue and may try that later but for now I'm happy with my results.
It's amazing how so many posting don't fall into an catagory. I'm having fun looking back on my old posts.
Thanks again for all your hard work and sharing it with us.