Monday, January 21, 2008

Surgery For Rascal

Always willing to help.On a personal note, my black cat Rascal, whose picture is often seen on my blog, is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning at 8 am. We found a lump about the size of an almond in his belly flab. I took him in to our vet, who diagnosed it as a tumor.

Dr. C recommended immediate surgery, because he said tumors usually grow quickly in cats, even if they are benign. He doesn't think there will be any problems or complications, and as long as there isn't a lot of drainage, Rascal should be able to come home by the afternoon. Hopefully the tumor won't be malignant.

Rascal is almost 8 years old and in otherwise good health. Still, I can't help but worry about it just a little. I'm just thankful he is in good hands.


I just got a call from Dr. C. Rascal is out of surgery and in recovery. Dr. C was very pleased with how well the surgery went. He said it is one of the few times he is happy to work with a fat cat, as they also need to remove as much tissue around the tumor as possible. We will get the pathology report back on either Friday or Monday.


Jacqui said...

i understand how scary this all is, but you are doing exactly the right thing by getting him in quickly.

please do keep us in the loop. i will have Rascal in my thoughts!

Kathy said...

We are all waiting for Rascal's results, keeping him in our purrayers and thoughts. And glad to hear it was caught early.

Please keep us updated!

Kathy and the Airy Zona Mob: Max, Shadow, Pixel, Ziggy & HRH The Princess Europa

Anonymous said...

Hello Rascal, I'm so glad you're making a good recovery. And you don't look fat to me! Stay well now.

Jackie said...

I'm glad to hear that he is doing well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the pathology report comes back fine.

vlb5757 said...

Kitty hugs from my Maggie to Rascal. I know how hard it is to have a pet develop something we are not sure about. My dog Trixie had a fatty tumor that got to the size of a softball. When it got too large for her to sit down, the vet said it had to go. She lived until she was 18. So we are sending positive healing thoughts out there to you and Rascal.

I love the Shetland swatch. It's fabulous. I remember telling you ages ago, that I don't weave, but I just love coming here to see what you've made. Just blows me away!

Dorothy said...

I hope Rascal is happy to be at home and recovering, how lucky that he is young enough for surgery when this was discovered. I'm a bit puzzled about him being fat, he looks sleek and handsome in the photos? I have found that the best thing for cats that need to loose weight is throw their biscuits around at meal times and make them chase and catch them - they are more inclined to settle for smaller meals if they are fun!

Susan B. said...

Somehow I missed this bit about Rascal. He's beautiful! I am sure he will be fine. And back to helping you with all things fiber!

Cathy said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that all is well with your kitty, Leigh.