Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rascal Update and Award

The Rascal Update Part

Update 2/1/08 - Pathology report diagnosed a Hodgkins-like lymphoma. Click here for details.

The Award Part

I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings about being tagged for things. Memes can be fun and entertaining, but intimidating. And then there's the passing them on to others. Not everyone likes them.

Awards, on the other hand, are encouraging. Plus, they always include a number of links to new blogs that are interesting, informative, and inspirational to read. The "You Make My Day Award" is exactly that. Awarded to blogs that give "inspiration and happiness" it is encouraging to receive, and easy to pass on. Laritza, Bonnie, Peg, Sue, Amelia, Jackie, Lady of the Loom, and Patrick have all honored me recently with this award, which really made my day, as you can well imagine!

The bad part is being allowed to choose only ten other blogs to pass it on to. I currently subscribe to 101 feeds, and this number is growing all the time! All of them provide happiness and inspiration, so how to decide?!?!!? The blogs below fit the criteria, though not all of them are fiber or textile related. I tried to choose blogs that haven't been named elsewhere already, (though being waaaay behind in blog reading, it wouldn't surprise me if they have.) Also, it is a different list from my Nice Matters Award nominations. I hope you find a couple here that will make your day as much as they don mine!

Listed alphabetically:

A Blip on the Radar
Devon Fine Fibres - Life on a very special Devon farm
Growing Colour
I Can Has Cheezburger
In Stitches
Janet's Thread
Path to Freedom Journal
Pioneering on the Home Front
Sheep Thrills Farm
Yarn in my Pocket

Now, time to get back to weaving and knitting!


Kathy said...

Aren't you sweet, Leigh! And you deserve many more awards! Is there one for being an inspiration to others?
You'd get about ten of those...

We're thinking of all of you today...and praying the retest is for good reasons only.

Kathy said...

Bless your lil ole pea-pickin' heart!

Anonymous said...

Leigh this is really kind of you. Thank you so much. If my blog ends up half as good as yours I shall be a very happy bunny (or should I say goat?)!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Interesting links, especially the self-sufficient farm living ones. Back 100 years ago or so I dreamed about that, read a ton of books. But it was not meant to be, for me anyway! It was a nice dream, though.

Janet said...

Thank you so much Leigh. I have been encouraged and excited to have your regular comments on my blog - it's nice to know I have a friendly reader out there in the blogsphere. And now a reward for my blogging efforts. Thanks again.

Sayward said...


I just got caught up on Rascal. I'm sending out good karma for him.

Helen said...

Hi Thanks Leigh - your blog has always been an inspiration to me too and I would not have got started without your encouragement and help. Thanks I did not know these awards existed I am such a blog novice!

Sharon said...

Thanks Leigh - in the two years that I've been a blogger, meeting virtual friends and keep in touch through blogs has become a genuine source of pleasure. Now if only I can figure out how to do this thang~

Sharon said...

Hi Leigh - stop by my blog. I have something for you to pick up. I didn't see any rules against tag back and was just going by what I read.

Cathy said...

Wonderful new links.
Hoping all is well with Rascal.

Jennifer said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry about Rascal. I understand what you're feeling, my dog was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma 2 weeks ago. It's tough. But life goes on and we have to make the best of it. :(

Meg said...

Leigh, re. the M's & O's, by far the most interesting piece at the year-end meeting was in a relatively simple M's & O's, from Davison, but woven in a spaced-and-crammed way. I can't remember exactly how it was done, but it was very effective, and I just groaned.

Sometimes I can get too ambitious and greedy design-wise.

I, on the other hand, bowed out and baked a cake, where I should have baked a big, fat, humble pie.

Cathy said...

Hi Leigh - I'm so sorry to hear the news about Rascal, but glad that you have some options for treatment.

You have a wonderful blog filled with all sorts of interesting information, so it's no wonder so many people have bestowed these various honors upon you... congrats! Now I have to check out all these links you've given us :)

cyndy said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about poor Rascal...

Your award is well deserved! Thank you for all of your informative and thoughtful posts....and for taking the time to link to some bloggers I have yet to discover!