Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gadget Crisis

First my sewing machine quit. Then my scanner died. Next my keyboard started to behave erratically. Now my digital camera's preview window won't preview. If I soon seem to temporarily disappear from the blogging universe, it will be due to an electronic crisis (though hopefully not.) *sigh*


Downshiftingpath said...

Leigh, check with the elctric company as they might be sending too many volts your way. It happens sometimes, we had this happen and they paid for all the damage.


Sheepish Annie said...

I've had about ten things die on me in the last few weeks. There seems to be no real connection to the deaths...except that each of them has annoyed me to no end! I'll light a candle for you and hope that nothing else decides to cease functioning.

Cathy said...

maybe the universe is saying, "weave!" :)

Hope everything is straightened out soon with no more casualties - good luck!

Kathy L. said...

When we lived in germany, we discovered that in Germanic culture October brings about evil winds which can cause everything from ill-tempers, to major problems. Their answer to these winds? A party! Octoberfest! Maybe it's one of those lemons-to-lemonade sort of things, but whatever works. A good excuse for a party, eh? ;-)

Leigh said...

Anne, I'll have to check into that. Thanks.

I did figure out that the camera problem was due to ultra cheap betteries. A better quality cured the problem. (Of course, I really need to get another charger for my rechargeables, which are my favorites.)

The scanner was just old and the motor which moved the device simply conked out. I reckon I'll get a new combo scanner/printer, as I've been without a printer for about a year and DH is beginning to fuss! :p

bspinner said...

When they work they're great. When they don't #$@%^%&&*(fill in your own words)they're plastic junk.