Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

My days approaching the new year were accomplained by a huge rush. Sadly, none of it has been fiber or textile activity. Other than knitting a few more rows on my Rare Breed Sweater, all other projects are the same as my last post.

You see, a while back, I agreed to lead the January workshop for the Online Guild. The topic is: how to use the computer as a tool for textile design. I don't claim to be any sort of authority on this subject, but since I do the web design for the Guild's public website, I reckon I was as good a candidate as any.

My workshop lesson planning was going quite well until my computer died two months ago. Even then I wasn't worried as I had copied all my workshop files onto a CD when the computer first showed symptoms of ailing. Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned, rather, I had what my DH likes to call, "a character building experience." You can read all about that adventure here, but I don't recommend you click on that link unless you're in the mood for a rant.

The short of it is that I had to rewrite all the workhop units and the past several weeks have been a mad rush to get it all done. It's been a bit stressful, as I usually try to be well prepared as far in advance as possible for whatever is required.

There's been little time for anything else, including things like blogging, laundry, and making new years resolutions. The blogging and the laundry I can now catch up on. But for my new years resolution, I'll only make the same one I make every year, which is "Don't make any New Years Resolutions." And you know what? I've never broken that one yet.


goodkharmabunny said...

I'm all poised for the workshop.
Offering support and enthusiasum.
Just ask if you need any help
lots of love and a happy new year greeting.
al x

Jasmine Weaver said...


You are doing a great job with the Online course - usually people forget to state such things as do not use quotes - I run into this often with textbooks and some of my students are beginners. Great job - the old assume rule.


jackie said...

Most new years resolutions are broken by January 21, so why bother? Although I heard Stewart McLean, ( a CBC radio host) make one of his new years resolutions the other day. A friend challenged him to make one that didn't involve self improvement. His resolution? Buy the expensive tomatoes in the grocery store. Pass by the cardboard imitaton one and go for something that just may have a bit of flavour. Really speaking, we live in Canada and any tomatoes that we see up here in February are well traveled tomatoes and just not in the same category as the kind you go out into the back yard and pick in August. But I must admit that there is a difference between the "field" tomatoes that were picked green and the kind that had a bit of a blush before they were " from their mothers vines untimely ripped"