Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blog Stuff. No Fiber Content Whatsoever

Does anyone read Blogger Buzz? One hot buzz item is the new blog version which recently introduced as a beta program. It includes several new features, including the ability to organize posts according to categories, rather than as archives only. Bloggers will be able to add labels to each post and these will appear in the side bar as a category list.

I'm not sure when Blogger plans to make the new version available to everyone, but I believe it is expected that eventually all Blogger blogs will migrate to the new version (once the bugs are worked out.) I've been reading about some of the problems bloggers have encountered in making the switch, so I'm in no hurry. However, I really like that category feature. I like the idea of being able to find what I want without rummaging around endlessly in the archives.

The first solution I found for this was Technorati, which offers a search function for one's blog. I'm not sure if my blog visitors have found it useful but I certainly have. It beats the archive exploration system, as long as I can find the right keyword. Another plus with Technorati is the ability to keep track of who's linking to one's blog; a good way to keep track of where one's content might end up on the Internet.

Then recently, I had some problems with Rascal's blog, and in looking for solutions was directed to Blogger Tips and Tricks. There, I was delighted to read about a way to add a category list to my blog using Instructions to do this can be found here, for "A Simple Method," or here for "The Easy Method".

The easy method makes use of a tag roll. I chose the simple method because I'm comfortable with html, and because I wanted to choose only some of my tags for the category list on my blog.

Both ways required adding tags to all my old posts. This meant I had to make some decisions about how many and what kind of tags to use. This was a dilemma for me. I didn't want my categories to be too broad, nor did I want them so specific as to end up with a very long category list. I'm not sure if I found the balance, but the tag lists can be edited later if I need to.

My other dilemma was in deciding which tags to include in my category list. I have more tags listed at than I used for the category list on my blog. Any suggestions? Feedback? You can see a complete list of tags if you click on any one of the categories.

All in all, I must say that I like this better than Blogger's current archive-only system of finding previous content.

Okay. I've changed my mind. I'm adding a teensy bit of fiber content but only because I can't resist this photo:

Rascal on the Karakul.

The fleece is the Karakul sample for my Rare Breed Sweater. I washed it yesterday and spread it out on a towel to dry. As you can see, it has been claimed. He never could resist wool fiber.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Leigh. I'm now in the process of tagging my archive with—very cool and simple. Lack of categories was the drawback with Blogger, I must confess. So an easy fix! A question, though, did you not find Blogger's search feature to be any good? Take care!

Leigh said...

To be honest, Cheryl, I never noticed Blogger's search feature(!) :o I gave it a try and was pleased with the results. I'm glad you pointed it out as I'll use it on other blogs.

My main reason for signing up with Technorati was its ability to keep track of who's linking to my blogs. I really like to respond to links as I appreciate them. The search feature was just a nice bonus, but I like being able to place it where I want on my sidebar.