Monday, July 24, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

Yikes, I've been tagged by Valerie. Well, since Blogger won't upload my photos anyway, I'll abandon that post and jump right in to this one. Here goes:

5 things always in my purse:
1. my keys
2. Burt's Bees lip balm
3. my clip-on sunglasses
4. a pen
5. Lactaid tablets

5 things always in my wallet:
1. my drivers license
2. my library card
3. my PetsMart PetPerks card
4. a safety pin
5. a quarter for the Aldi's shopping carts

5 things always in my refrigerator:
1. ketchup
2. homemade yogurt
3. apples
4. Rice Dream rice milk
5. the opened Folger's can

5 things always in my closet:
1. my hiking boots
2. my collection of handknit socks
3. my bathrobe
4. whatever vests I'm not wearing
5. my Grandmother's hatbox (filled with sewing stuff)

5 things always in my car:
1. a county map
2. a box of kleenex
3. insurance cards
4. a bottle of sun block
5. an extra Aldi's quarter in case I spend the one in my wallet

5 things always on my desk:
1. the computer
2. my copy of Boogiejack's Web Site Design Made Easy
3. cat hair
4. a pile of weaving/spinning/knitting/sewing notes/books/patterns/pictures/catalogues
5. a dictionary

5 People to tag:
1. Carol
2. Mary
3. Alice
4. Lea
5. Billi-Jean


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sheepshepherdess said...

Hi in reply to your post on the silk. I used to use lanaset but it is hard to find in my area. So this is a mix of Jaquard and gaywools new colors. I only used sun yellow and garnet.