Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cartoon Fun

If you took a look at the comments for my last blog post, then you probably saw Valerie's link for a cartoon for my alter ego. I thought was hilarious. Here it is:
Cartoon by Dave Walker of

This cartoon was drawn by Dave Walder of Those who've been following by blog will remember my alter ego aka "the self imagined me" from "Lost Lace Found".

I also found a cartoon which depicts "the real me" at We Blog Cartoons entitled "Papers" also by Dave Walker. It's the second cartoon down.

One of the members of the Online Guild has commented that she uses the geological method of organization; the oldest stuff is on the bottom.

Have I made any progress in realizing my imagined self? Well, not so one would notice.

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Dave Walker said...

Thanks Leigh - glad you enjoy my work and best wishes to you.