Monday, May 22, 2006

Q & A: Tri-fold Aperture Card Blanks

Charleen asked where I got them.

The card I showed yesterday (May 21) is from a bunch which I’ve had for several years, being given them by a friend.

One thing I’ve done, has been to go the scrapbooking section of Wal-Mart and purchase templates and a cutter to make my own out of card stock as soon as I run out of those I have.

Another possibility is Strathmore Photoframe Greeting Card blanks, which can be found in many art supply stores.

I also found an excellent variety of colors and sizes of these cards at SheriO Productions. You have to click on the shopping cart to actually see the variety of cards they have.

I used to think I'd make a patchwork of all my scraps and samples, but I like making the cards better.

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