Friday, December 21, 2012

Time Flies....

Welcome to anyone who finds their way here. All my blogging these days is over at my homestead blog, 5 Acres & A Dream. Our old house has needed extensive repair and updating, so most of our time is spent on that. And the garden, and canning, and the goats, and the chickens..... My loom and knitting needles are sadly neglected.


  1. Leigh, I've missed your link to this blog on your now refocused/renamed homestead blog, and, of course, missed your fiber blogs. I commiserated with you re you missing your loom as well. But that's what life does to us, doesn't it. Somehow other priorities and new interests get in the way. I'm here now because I was re-visiting some of the WeaveZine articles and noted that Cally Booker had linked one of her articles to a post you did on CM tie-ups. I have 2 Glimakra's who are lonely, even though they both have rug warps on them! Good to see this post. --Sue in MA

  2. Sue, as always it's good to hear from you. Yeah, I dropped this link because I was running out of room on the tabs, but I may add it to my homestead sidebar. Thanks for reminding me about Cally! I need to go visit her blog.

    It's true that life can often take us on a course we didn't expect. Actually, I spent three & a half intense years immersed in weaving and spinning when we lived in the apartment and I couldn't get my hands into the soil. Everything comes full circle though, so I won't give up on fiber arts forever. :)


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