Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sock Progress & A Thrift Store Find

By Leigh

Fireside sock progress?

Slow, but getting there.

Thrift store find?

This neat woven bag.

I'm not sure what the fiber content is, nor if it was handwoven. But it was only 50 cents so how could I resist?

Posted 3 March 2010 at http://leighsfiberjournal.blogspot.com by Leigh

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  1. What a find. The little bag is very cute!!

    Socks are looking good!!!!

  2. Socks look lovely, a little air conditioned in their present state but I bet they will be nice and warm once done.:-) Cute bag!

  3. Love the socks and what a great bag and what a good price!

  4. Great sock progress!!! (Just in time for sandals!! - OK, we might still have plenty of sock-wearing time.)

    That bag is a cool thrift store find!!!


  5. Your almost at the finish line for that sock. Great little bag! Take a look at this blog
    Your treasure find reminds me of some of the great work she does.

  6. Thanks ya'll! And thank you Deep End for the link. Laverne's work is absolutely wonderful and the blog is a treasure.


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