Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. We have a busy family weekend ahead and I'm having a fun day in the kitchen, making pumpkin and apples pies, and cornbread for stuffing the turkey. The little edible turkeys are a tradition at our house; an idea brought home by my daughter when she was in kindergarten.

The table runner the turkey is sitting on, was woven by me about five years ago or so. It is woven in plain weave from hemp singles (and was that ever a mess to weave with).

It was the first plaid I designed. I use it to decorate every Thanksgiving.

I'll see you all after the weekend!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Leigh. I hope you and your family have a wonder day!
    Your runner is beautiful especially against the warm wood.
    I love your turkey. I'll have to get the fix'ns and make some with my grandson.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Leigh. Wish I could be with my family in America to celebrate the day - and have some pumpkin pie!

  3. Hi Leigh I hope you have a lovely thnaksgiving day and I love the table runner -and the turkey! bw Helen

  4. How is it that your cat is more popular than you?! Happy Thanksgiving Leigh - great seasonal plaid.

  5. May you and your family have a great Thanksgiving weekend, Leigh!

    (And our custom is spreading as our NZ relations have said some of the NZers are now celebrating T-Day as well. They don't get the day off, but usually celebrate on the weekend. Any day that celebrates reflection of what's good in life is a Good Thing, isn't it?)

  6. I love the runner! The colour also feels very 'thankgiving-y'.

  7. Been ages since I've been able to read blogs. Love that little edible turkey. May have to nick that photo for next year! And if I don't get back for awhile, Merry Christmas to ya too! :-)


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