Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award by Cathy.

Wow. I am very honored, but amazed as well. Who would have thought it?

To claim the award, I am to write a post with links to nominate 5 blogs that make me think. Here they are.

Sharon B's In a Minute Ago - A friend sent me a link to Sharon's Stitch Dictionary, and I discovered her blog from that. Since embroidery, quilting, and crazy quilting were my first textile loves, I was immediately interested in what she had to say, not only about textile embellishment, but about blogging as well. Her posts and links have caused me to think about myself as a blogger; not only about what I'm doing, but why I'm doing it and how to do it better.

I live on a farm - Firefly's wonderful thought provoking blog about life, knitting, and living on a farm. Her personal story is like something out of a story book. This is the kind of blog to settle down to read with a cup of coffee in hand.

Woven Thoughts - Sara Lamb's blog is a never ending source of creativity and inspiration. I love her style of writing, the information she shares, and her awesome projects. Loads of interesting things going on here.

a simple yarn - I love Cheryl's blog. I love her honest, down to earth writing style. I can relate to so much of what she says! I read, and laugh with her, or cry with her, because I've usually been there too.

Sheepshepherdess - Another kindred spirit. As she says in her bio, "I am a student of many things." That's something I hope I can always say about myself too! Not only are we talking sheep and fiber here, but her photography is absoloute eye candy.

Well, that's enough thinking for one day. It is one thing to simply react to something (blogs for example) emotionally; "I like that" or "I don't like that" withouth thinking about why. It's quite an exercise to figure out the "whys" of something, such as why a particular blog makes me think. It's been an excellent thing to do, but it's quite worn me out. :)


  1. hi Leigh,

    thanks for two new (at least to me:) blog links - esp. the one about copper pipe weaving looms! I printed the instructions out immediately and put them in prominent position on DH's table (one can live in hope....)
    if you're done with all that thinking - you can always go back to a bit of knitting or weaving:)

  2. LOL - at least you figured out how to put the button in your post! I nod in recognition at 3 of your choices (they made my list of 1op 10) and look forward to reading the other 2.

  3. Thanks for the new blogs - I only know one of them and am just getting my cup of tea ready to go visit the others.

  4. Oh..what nice blogs! I will be coming back to look at them in more depth..just wanted to say- thanks for stopping by mine! I really love this award because I'm getting some wonderful new blogs!..then trying to follow everyones answers! fun!

  5. Aw shucks, thanks for including me.

    And, your blog is definitely one of a thinking blogger.

    Best wishes,

  6. Just what I need.......more blogs to read.........groan. I have bookmarked a couple of them... Thanks (I think?!?!?), Leigh.

  7. Why thank you Leigh! I do not know of this award, I'll have to read up. I will also go look at your other blog links, some of them new to me.



  8. Thanks for the links Leigh. Fun to have new blogs to read - actually some I read already.

    I like your Fibonacci work. But am still glad I've packed up my loom for a while so I'm not tempted to do some weaving.


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